Rachel Bublitz



January 2, 2012

I just made my first submission of 2012! I submitted to The Well, a theatre company in New York. They used my favorite method for submissions. Emailing just the script. So many theatres want so much extra information, I sometimes feel that I write more essays about the theme, characters, or the synopsis of my play than actual words in my script. I doubt that’s true, but that’s how I feel.

In 2011 I submitted “The Fantasy Club” 38 times, “The Anniversary” 18 times, “Bill and Kelly” 4 times, and “Her Special Day” twice, for a total of 62 submissions. I’m waiting to find out the result of most of my submissions, but so far I’ve had 9 rejections, and 1 acceptance. I wrote 3 ten minute plays in 2011, and one full length play. I’m pretty excited about those numbers, especially when I remember that I started writing again in August.

Looking to 2012 I have some goals (not resolutions). I want to complete another full length play and 4 more short or one act plays. I want to make it to 150 submissions, and I’d like 10 theatres or publishers to use my work. I would also like to read one play a week. I just finished “Henry IV” by Pirandello (translated by Stoppard), and I’m currently reading “Proof” by David Auburn.

Here’s looking to a more productive year!

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