Rachel Bublitz


The Week of No

March 30, 2012

Some weeks I get good news. Back in February, I found out I would be getting a staged reading of my full length through PCSF, getting a production of one of my shorts also through PCSF, and that I was a semi finalist in another short play festival. Most weeks I hear nothing. I get all aflutter whenever I get a new email. For the moment I see the (1) in my Inbox, to when I read the email my mind reals with possibilities. More often than not, it's just a notification about a play, or a reading for someone else.

This week I got a lot of rejections. Sundance (a long shot) turned me down, the play festival that I was a semi finalist in informed me that I had not made it to the top 20, I was also turned down by Ashland New Plays Festival, New Perspectives Theatre Company, Play Club West, and The Public Theatre.

For some reason, a week of rejection was easier on me than the week I got so much good news. Go figure!

Guess it's time to get back up and make more submissions!

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