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May 19, 2012

Today I learned that this 5 day warm up to 31 plays in 31 days was brilliant. I also learned how hard this undertaking is going to be. I'm excited for the challenge, and now I see how hard it's going to be. Today I wrote a pretty bad 7 minute play about new parents fussing over a new baby. It's nice I suppose, but it doesn't set my pants on fire or anything. But I did it, and that I think is the important part. I thought about structure and what the characters wanted from one another, and even though the subject didn't excite me going through the motions and I think that writing this little play will help me get better at the craft of writing. It helps me get better at the grind. It is a lovely day and I didn't really want to sit inside and type. But, here I am learning how to grind it out if I feel like it or not.

Yesterday I met up with a playwright buddy of mine and we threw around some ideas about how we can make 31 plays in 31 days bigger and better. Hopefully I'll have some exciting news in the next few weeks. So stay tuned!

For the record, I have really loved two of the plays I wrote this week, and one I'm looking forward to developing into something I love. Tomorrow is the last day of my warm up, let's see how it goes… I'm hoping to finish strong.

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