Rachel Bublitz


And Now, Re-Writes

May 21, 2012

Last week I wrote 5 plays in just 5 days, this week? Re-writing! Very exciting stuff I know. Actually, I kinda love rewriting so I'm excited. First on my plate is the short I wrote with all gender neutral characters for this opportunity I came across a few weeks ago. I'm also hoping to work on several other short plays so that I can send them out soon. And finally, I would love to get to work on “The Fantasy Club” before the weekend. I got some notes from my thoughtful director, Tracy Held Potter, and I would like to get to them before we start rehearsals for the reading!

There are only two more weeks until the staged reading on June 4th! I hope you can come, and I hope that you bring friends. It's a comedy, so I need as many butts in chairs as I can so the laughter keeps flowing. Did you know that when people are in a larger audience they feel more comfortable laughing? True story. Click here to RSVP for the reading at the Off Market Theater in San Francisco. Be there!

Okay, enough blogging, on to editing.

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