Rachel Bublitz



May 23, 2012

Here I go. My reading is coming up, and I have some issues that I need to address. If I don't surface within a day or so, please send out a search party!

Seriously though, I'm actually pretty excited about cracking open “The Fantasy Club” and ironing out some kinks. I worked on it straight from last August until December, and I've let it sit since then. I think that there are times when time can help, at least it helps me. I also got some incredible insightful notes from my awesome director Tracy Held Potter, as I mentioned earlier, and I think I've figured out how to address the problems she spotted.

I'm getting super excited about the reading, less than two weeks now! RSVP for the June 4th (7:30pm) staged reading of “The Fantasy Club” here.

Okay… One, two, three, GO!

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