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Another Submission Opp for Bay Area Playwrghts

May 30, 2012

The Playwright's Center of San Francisco is accepting 10 minute plays and 5 minute monologues for Repro Rights, a staged reading of plays on, “reproductive rights and bodily autonomy issues” (from PCSF's website). Here are the details:

We receive a ton of plays to critique in a short time, so please, we beg you, follow our submission requirements. We have good reasons for all of them, we promise. Deviation causes delays, frustration, and insanity! We reserve the right to disqualify submissions that do not follow all requirements.

For this benefit only, you do not need to be a member of the Playwrights Center of San Francisco.

Entrant: Must be a resident of the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties to submit.

No Entry Fee, but you do need to fill out and submit an Entry Form.

Length: Plays and monologues may not be longer than 10 minutes. If the piece is longer than ten minutes, playwrights will be expected to edit for length in order to be included in the program. As a rule of thumb, plays should be maximum ten pages and monologues five pages or fewer. We recommend you read it aloud and time it before sending.

Submission: Plays must be submitted digitally to PCSFSubmitAPlay@gmail.com. No hard copies accepted - One (1) Microsoft Word file or PDF file; Limit: 1 script per playwright; please send us your best.

Blind Submission: Your name and contact info should appear nowhere on the script itself. A title page is fine, but no contact info! We get that from the entry form.

Type Size: 12 pt Times New Roman or 12 pt Courier.

Format: Standard Stage Format. Final Draft format is acceptable only if sent as a PDF file. Blind submission - please do not have your name anywhere on the submitted script.

Theme: The play’s theme should center on reproductive rights and bodily autonomy issues. Here are some ideas (you are not limited to these): birth control, abortion, rape, consent, ultrasound procedures, pregnancy, birth, carrying a baby to term, deciding whether to terminate a pregnancy, in vitro fertilization, forced or voluntary sterilization, vasectomy, etc.

Type: Drama, comedy. Musicals will be considered, but we don’t know if we can produce them, and you may be asked to help (especially if you have a band).

Characters: The play should be written for a maximum of five actors. Monologues are okay.

Production Requirements: Set, props and costume requirements should be minimal, something easily assembled by a producing group. Lighting should also be easily accomplished - general full stage lighting preferred but blackouts could be accomplished.

Submission Deadline: 11:59 p.m. PDT, June 30, 2012.

Up to ten pieces will be selected by a panel of volunteer readers. Because this is a benefit, we will not be paying the playwright but you will receive a comp ticket to one of the readings. Selected Plays will be announced August 1, 2012.

NOTE: Failure to adhere to any of these guidelines may result in your script being rejected, so please read and follow them carefully!

Get to writing! And good luck!

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