Rachel Bublitz


First Draft of a New One Act!

July 6, 2012

“Mother's Day” (still a working title) has a finished draft. My next step is to print the whole thing out and take a red pen to it. Not sure why I have to print it, maybe it's more satisfying, or maybe it's helpful to see it in a different way (in your hand versus on the computer screen). After I butcher it, and sew it back together I'll read the whole thing out loud a few times to myself. This one is a bit graphic so I'll have to save it for preschool hours. I made the mistake of talking about “The Fantasy Club” when my daughter was around, and I was asking out loud is Max, the father/husband character should die. She thought I was talking about her dad. So now I try and keep things separate. After I've read it out, and I'm feeling good, I usually guilt friends into reading it with me on Skype. You know who you are. If it goes through all of these hoops without me wanting to rip it to shreds or burn it, scene night is next! And a REAL scene night, not a scene night that I make up in my head (that's right, last night's scene night was a figment of my imagination and I learned the hard way to double check websites for Holiday changes). What's your process like?

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