Rachel Bublitz


Synopsis Update

July 9, 2012

I received some wonderful advice… Here's the new and improved synopsis:

Who says men own the monopoly on sex fantasies? Pull the sheets off of one stay-at-home-mom's dirty little secret in “The Fantasy Club.” Frances has just started to discover who she is outside of being a wife and mother. Mothers need to redefine who they are, squeezing their old self into a new role. And as your children grow—needing you less—what can you take back as your own? Are mothers more than their motherhood? These questions haunt Frances. But her life has more pitfalls to it than just raising children. She’s started writing poetry again, poetry inspired by sexual fantasies. Soon she’s face to face with the object of these fantasies and is given the opportunity to make them reality. Will Frances risk her family for her fantasy?

What do you think?

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