Rachel Bublitz


Literary Agents

July 10, 2012

A year ago I started writing my first play. Since then I've learned a considerable amount about how to be a playwright. How and where to workshop your work, getting in contact with actors, and I've even started to crack open the door to getting produced (ever so slightly). But there's still an element I'm still confounded by; literary agents. This is not a post about literary agents, this a post listing my questions about literary agents, in hope someone will read this and show mercy on me and shed some light.

Here are my biggest questions:

Do you need an agent?

Do the agents find you, or should I be trying to find them?

And… What do they do for you? I know that there a ton of places that will only accept scripts from agents, and I imagine they're involved with contract negotiations, but is that it? Not to say that isn't a lot, I'm just curious what they're services are in total.

Sorry to post something without any information but I'm very perplexed by literary agents and I'm ready for some answers! You can comment below, or email me the info. I'd appreciate it!

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