Rachel Bublitz


Starting From Scratch

July 12, 2012

Sigh. I've been putting a lot of hours in on a one act play lately. It's working title is “Mother's Day” (I need a better one). I was tightening up the first scene when it struck me that I was doing something very wrong. Not wrong for everyone, but wrong for me. And even though I spent all night last night, and all of this morning getting it ready for scene night at Play Cafe, I'm going to have to scrap it. I have a great fondness for the story, and I've worked out how to fix my mis-step… But it does require me to go in and re-write nearly everything. I'm thankful I caught it now, instead of figuring it out tonight when it was read to me. Hopefully I'll get the first scene written out in time for tonight.

I find it amazing that I could work on something for so long, and be blind to it… And I'm incredibly curious about what triggered me to see my mistake. Well, enough about this… I have some work to get to.

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