Rachel Bublitz


Day 6 Play 10 @31plays31days

August 6, 2012

Being out late last night AND coming home and writing play #9, I have been having a very sleepy Monday. It doesn't help that my boy is super grumpy and I had to go to Costso today. But I wrote a play that I'm super excited about. It might just be the first non-comedic play I've ever written! At least I hope it is. I've tried in the past, and usually it comes out funny, but I think that I got it today. We'll see I guess. It's a one act, 12 pages, but with a lot of monologues so it would probably run closer to 15 or 20 minutes. It's about forbidden love, one of my favorite topics. I'm thinking I might break up the four scenes to book end the two acts of “Things We Can't Say Out Loud” but we'll have to see where it'll actually fit. I think my favorite aspect of 31 Plays in 31 Days is that I'm trying out styles of plays that I never have before. I've written a few monologues (never done that before), experimenting with voice (never done that before), and playing around with form (new to me too!). Remember, I've only been writing plays for a year, there's a lot I need to learn! I'm happy to have this month to flex some writing muscles and try out new things (at least new to me!). Email me if you're interested in reading todays script. It's called “Lily And Eric Are Monsters.”

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