Rachel Bublitz


Day 14, Play 28

August 14, 2012

For the past two weeks my plays have varied in length… I have some 4 page plays, and I think 20 pages is the longest. I've had a few one page monologues, but today I wrote and submitted my first one page play. It was harder than I thought going in. I wrote a much longer play and had to continue to chop it down, I had to say a lot with very little. I'm not sure how successful I was, but I liked the story a lot. I might just go back to this one after all of this is done and see where it takes me.

###Flee, a one minute play

By Rachel Bublitz

MAN and WOMAN are on stage.

WOMAN I’m leaving you.

MAN Not tonight.

WOMAN I have to. I’m sorry, I never wanted to cause you pain.

MAN They’re here, the attack will be tonight.

WOMAN Tonight? I thought we had… Months! Or at least weeks! How did they mobilize so fast?

MAN You have to come with me. Now. You and the kids.

WOMAN I have never loved you.

MAN Do you want to survive the raid?


MAN Then none of that matters. I’ll meet you under the bridge in one hour. Pack extra water and bring the statue. It’s our only hope.

WOMAN I am going to leave you the first chance I get.

MAN You have one hour, go!

WOMAN exits. End of play.

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