Rachel Bublitz


Day 15, Play 30

August 15, 2012

After finishing KURT VONNEGUT, The Last Interview and Other Conversations yesterday, his words haunted my dreams. In the last few interviews he talked a lot about how we're completely destroying the earth and at this point there's nothing we can do about it. Bummer, right? Well I wrote a play about it, pretty short… 3 pages, and it's pretty preachy, but I kinda like it. As usual, please ignore errors, I just wrote it!

###Gray And Ash, a short play

By Rachel Bublitz

MOTHER and CHILD are on stage.

MOTHER It is an important day. Today you will walk the earth.

CHILD I am ready Mother. I will make you proud.

MOTHER We’ve told you what to expect. It will still astound you.

CHILD I am prepared.

MOTHER Child. Child, child, child. That is what you say. The winds are fierce. The earth is gray and endless. It is hard to navigate. But you must. We need you to gather the ash.


CHILD What if I get lost?

MOTHER You will perish.

CHILD I’m scared, mother.

MOTHER You should be. Bring extra strips for your test kit. You need to double check the ash you collect for contamination.

CHILD Right, extra strips.

MOTHER You can return in two years, if you live that long.

CHILD I will try my best.

MOTHER I have faith in you.


CHILD What’s the sky like?

MOTHER Gray, it matches the earth. You can’t touch it though, it reaches up to the dark black sun. Do you have the compass your father gave you?


MOTHER Trust your instincts, but don’t ignore your tools. Two years isn’t so long. And the more ash you collect the better for us all.

CHILD Isn’t there anything better to eat? What if-

MOTHER (Interrupting) Ash is all that’s left. You’ll see. When you return you’ll be allowed to couple and mate, if you wish to.

CHILD Can we work together on the surface?

MOTHER You can try, the great open does funny things to folks though, so be careful.


CHILD Tell me about before.

MOTHER This is not a time for stories! Your departure is eminent!

CHILD I need to hear it, once more before I go.


MOTHER Very well. I will tell you one last time. Hold the words in your heart, my dear. You will get no comfort above. (Sigh) Before the gray, there was a vast green that covered our earth met with blue, red, purple, and every color in between. Before we lived in the sun, and it shone bright orange and brought warmth. Before we ate from the trees, when trees still stood. Before we ate from animals, when animals still stocked the green. Before, long before now, no one ate ash and no one lived below the ground.

CHILD I wish I lived in those times, Mother.

MOTHER We all do child. The people before us were foolish, and forgot to care. They gave away the trees, the colors, the animals. Ash is what is left now. Ash and gray, ash and gray, ash and gray. You must be brave my child. You will come back to me.

CHILD Most don’t come back.

MOTHER I know, but I did. I know you can too.

CHILD I will hold you in my heart, mother.

MOTHER I will hold you too, my dearest child.

End of play.

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