Rachel Bublitz


Exciting Things

August 15, 2012

A theatre requested I send them “The Fantasy Club” today! How exciting is that? Very, very. I send out a lot of samples of plays, lots, and I usually (or until today) have never heard from anyone again. But today I got an email asking for the entire script. And, since their theatre looks for work that hasn't been done in Colorado (it's a Colorado based theatre), I think it's just fine that a production is already coming together here. I told them about it, so we'll see.

I wonder, should I email all the places I've submitted “The Fantasy Club” and tell them it's being produced somewhere? Is that a thing folks do? Hmmm… Well, even if I never hear anything from this, I was over the moon to get this email today. Oh… And if we're talking about things that boost my playwright confidence, I emailed an actor about doing a private developmental read at my house… She emailed me back yes, and that after looking over my website (yes this very website!) that she was eager to work with me because she loves my writing. Maybe she was just blowing smoke up my ass, but I don't care. I'm takin’ it. I'm lovin’ it. Alright… Back to writing plays…

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