Rachel Bublitz


Production Panther

August 30, 2012

I'm applying for Playwright Foundation‘s associate producer position and so I've spent most of my day writing a cover letter and trying to make my resume look respectable. It actually pays (not a ton), and getting paid for doing theatre is the direction I'm hoping to head off in to. My resume does look a bit funny, I have a four year gap in it. I don't think you can really list stay at home mom on a resume, and that is a pity, because it is one hard job. I would be excited if they called me for an interview really. That's the way I like my expectations, nice and low.

Having a hard time with my cover letter, I feel like I might as well be saying that I'm a super human being that could call up their special panther super powers to produce their plays… I could use another set of eyes, and since Tracy is usually my other set of eyes and is feverishly writing plays to finish the 31 Plays in 31 Days Project by tomorrow I could use your opinion. Email me (soon) if you can help!

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