Rachel Bublitz


The Benefit Of Feedback

September 7, 2012

Last night I attended PCSF‘s scene night. I'm better than I used to be, I used to be terrified bringing anything in to be read. And far from enthusiastic when hearing the feedback from my fellow playwrights. Each time it got better, and now I only get a few butterflies in my stomach. But it was worth all the struggle in the beginning, last night I got some pretty terrific feedback that really gave me some energy for re-writes today. My play is about a grandma, mom, and daughter… The grandma and mom kill people and the daughter doesn't know. Grandma has arrived to start in on the daughter's training. Anyway the important part in this instance is that there's a severed head in the freezer and originally the mom leaves the house with the head in the freezer just waiting for the daughter to find. Last night someone pointed out how crazy that was, and it made mer realize how funny it would be if the mom continued to hide the head, and the grandma kept finding it and putting it back in the freezer throughout the play. This comedic gem would have never made it into my play without feedback!

Long story short… If you're an artist, share your work with others. Listen to what they have to say. Use it, don't use it, either way it will help you.

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