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My Awesome Monday

September 11, 2012

I got a completely random email from a theatre company in LA yesterday. It said, we're considering THE FANTASY CLUB for our Fall show and are doing a cold read of the script tonight. I emailed back (quick like a panther), “I'm in Ventura, mind if I join you?” They did not mind. They were excited. The reading went really well, and now it's up to a director to decide.

At one point they were talking about my play versus other scripts they might do and all I could think was, “Do you guys realize how loud my heart is pounding right now?” They spoke awfully casually about something so dear to me… It was a surreal experience. In the end I felt like it was a good experience though, this must be how companies talk without playwrights present. It's good to know.

On a side note, I've always heard that LA drivers are crazy… That is now confirmed.

Other big news! I am the Associate Producer for the rough reading series over at Playwright's Foundation! Tracy Held Potter and I are going to split the series up between us! It was ever so slightly awkward when we both decided to apply for the same job, made more so when my husband insisted that the interviewer was going to ask why I was a better choice than Tracy (luckily he didn't)… And I think we were both hoping to split the series between the two of us, and then that happened! Yay!

And for my final bit of info to pass along… I'm behind on submissions for Binge, but I'm catching up. Today I submitted 6, 7, and 8….

I sent my Christmas play OY OY OY MERRY CHRISTMAS! over to The New American Theatre. They're looking for 10-15 minute comedic Holiday themed plays. The plays must be mailed in, and postmarked by 9/12 (that's tomorrow!). No fee.

And I sent TERRIBLE PEOPLE off to Southern Railroad Theatre Company and Pacifica Table Readers.

If you're wondering, today wasn't as fun as yesterday… I spent over six hours in the car with my kids driving home from Ventura. But I'm home now… Oakland never looked so sweet.

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