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Three Minutes

September 14, 2012

Today, I'm submitting to Writer's Week (that brings me up to 9!). Click the link above, read the rules. Basically you pick a prompt, write something (anything really), post it online and enter the link. And you're entered! Here's my entry….

###Three Minutes

A three minute play by Rachel Bublitz


June, female, 45-65 years old

Felix, 20 years old

JUNE and FELIX are on stage. FELIX has an IV in his arm, and is strapped to a hospital bed.

JUNE There are only three minutes left until-

FELIX (Interrupting) I know! Stop nagging me.

JUNE Three minutes isn’t very long-

FELIX (Interrupting) I graduated from kindergarten, I know how long three minutes is.

JUNE I wasn’t trying to belittle you.

FELIX Whatever.


JUNE We could call her. With your last-

FELIX (Interrupting) I’m her only son, I’m dying. And she doesn’t show? No fucking way we’re calling her.

JUNE She can’t walk.

FELIX They told me.

JUNE She lost her foot.

FELIX I know! Shit, don’t you listen?

JUNE I’m just trying to impress upon you how challenging coming here would be for her.

FELIX But she’s my mom! She should be here.


JUNE Would you like to pray with me?

FELIX Pray? How come I got a woman here? Aren’t there rules against that?

JUNE You told the warden you’d prefer a woman.

FELIX I wasn’t serious.

JUNE It’s too late. (Pause) Do you believe in God?



JUNE Would you like to get anything off your chest Felix? These are your last moments.

FELIX Someone might call though, right? They can stop it? I’ve seen that on TV.

JUNE No one is going to call.

FELIX How do you know that? Huh? It could happen.

JUNE You admitted to killing sixteen people-

FELIX (Interrupting) Yeah, but-

JUNE (Interrupting) Five of which were children.

FELIX But I was only fourteen. I was a kid.

JUNE Are you sorry for what you did Felix?


FELIX I don’t want to die. Please.

FELIX Will it hurt?

JUNE No, it will be like falling asleep.

FELIX I have a hard time falling asleep.

JUNE It will be quick. (Speaking to someone off stage.) We’re ready.

FELIX I’m not ready! That wasn’t three minutes! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, okay? I want my mom! Where’s my mommy? Please, stop. Please. I don’t want to die!

FELIX falls asleep, and then dies.

JUNE May God have mercy on your soul.

End of play.

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