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20 Hours Into The 24 Hour Playfest #24hourfest

September 15, 2012

Four hours until show time! I can't wait. It was a trip to write a play in one night. Last night the playwrights each drew a number (I drew #2, and I was so pleased), the number indicated how many actors we'd get. After numbers, we drew the actors (I'm working with Rob Dario and Scott Ragle), directors (I pulled Diana DiCostanzo), and finally my daughter dressed in a sparkly Vanna White dress picked the theme… THAT'S NOT TRUE. That's completely true, by the way… In case the theme led you to believe otherwise.

After the picking party, we got together with our team and shared in some awkward introductions and meetings. It felt like I was on a reality TV show forced to do a team challenge, hoping I wasn't stuck with a dud (also hoping my actors and director didn't think that I was a dud). I wasn't too much help to them last night. “What do you think you'll write,” they asked. I had no idea. I need to sit with my computer and a scrap of paper before I know that (I doodle). So, I left… Leaving them all feeling uneasy, I'm sure.

I got home, tried to write, but the kids were up and my boy just had to sit on my lap. The first play I was toying with fell apart as I tried to write with my toddler. My second play, I waited to start this play until both kids were sleeping, didn't last more than a page or two. Then I started the play that I'd hand over hours later. It went to unexpected places, I started with the idea that nearly everything out of the character's mouthes would be lies (remember the theme???). I got lucky that my director was awake when I was done with a draft I liked, she read it, gave me feedback, I fixed a few things and BAM. Sleepy time.

Today I've kinda been going crazy, I'm not over in SF at rehearsals yet. I've been worried that they're locked in a room biter and angry that they got stuck with me and my play (it's called BROTHER'S THAT LIE TOGETHER, if you're wondering (puns happen late at night)), here's to hoping it's going well!

And it will open in less than three hours now, so I must really be off. I hope to see you this evening, I know it's going to be a good time. The show is sold out, but there's set to be a kickin’ after party with a homemade peach pie (delicious!).

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