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AMAZING news, MY BODY in another reading!

September 16, 2012

This afternoon I got the best email ever….

"Dear, Ms. Bublitz.

Your play MY BODY is clever, skillfully written, and one of the most effective >gender-reversal analogies of the reproductive rights issue that we've ever encountered. In >other words, we love it and we would be delighted and honored to include it in our SLUT >staged reading festival!

Please confirm that you would still like to have My Body included in SLUT, and we will >follow up soon with more details. We very much look forward to showcasing your work!

Sincerely yours,

The Disreps Lit Team The Disreputables”

Yep! MY BODY will join the line up for SLUT this October over in DC! And they said such nice things… Oooh, it feels good. It was tense for a minute or two, when I wasn't sure it would be alright for it to be a part of both programs. But, the folks with Repro Rights! and The Disreputables both gave me the okay! Yay!

Going to be in DC in October? You've got to see this show! Here are the details:


Catch us next at SLUT, a festival of short works inspired by the War on Women - part of the UNmute! staged reading series.

Tuesday 10/22 & Wednesday 10/23, 7:30-10:30 pm @ Arlington Arts Center.

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