Rachel Bublitz



September 20, 2012

##FRUSTRATION, a benefit show for Play Cafe

Yep! It's coming up! If you forgot the line up, let me refresh your memory….

TERRIBLE PEOPLE by Rachel Bublitz

THE RITUAL by Rhoda Curtis

THE TROUBLE AT TABLE 23 by Charles Lerrigo

TWO BEDS by Tracy Held Potter


BACKSLIDING by Earl T. Roske

DON'T LOOK by Lynn Snyder


MARRY ME, MOMMY by Ron Weaver

If you know and love me you'll have TWO reasons to come out for the show… Not only will TERRIBLE PEOPLE scene #2 be read (super funny play by the way), but I'll be directing the piece from my work wife Tracy Held Potter!

I'm not going to lie… I'm a little nervous. The last piece I directed was… Oh… Crap! It was seven years ago. I think it's like riding a bike, or at least I'm hoping it is, but regaurdless I'm going to dive in and take it on! This will be a good warm up for me too… In case you didn't know, I'll be directing All Terrain Theatre‘s show WOMEN IN SOLIDARITY WITH CATS this coming April. Yeah, a warm up will be good.

Okay, you have the information! Come out for the very FREE show this Sunday, and if we knock your socks off… Which I'm pretty sure we will… Feel free to donate to Play Cafe! A very worthy cause.

Thanks and see you Sunday!

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