Rachel Bublitz


30 Pages

September 21, 2012

Five days ago I started rewriting MY SISTER'S BABY (which there is a reading for coming up on October 1st at 7:30, click here for all the details)… I got some notes from the literary committee at PCSF and I wanted to try and fix as many of those problems before the reading as I could. So, rewriting. I moved scenes and rewrote almost all of the second half of the play…. There's a completely different, happy (and funnier) ending now…. And the play has lost 30 pages! It went from a beefy 104 to a lean, mean 74 in just five days. I guess I'll find out on the 1st if it's working or not.

I really hope that you can make it out for the reading. I'm looking for feedback, and for that I need you!

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