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Binge Catch Up

September 22, 2012

My glorious plan is proving more complicated than I had thought. I figured if I wrote a ton of plays in August (31 plays to be exact…) I'd have a ton to submit in September, and binge would be a snap. This has not been the case. I'm still playing catch up. Submissions take huge chunks of my time, if not all of my writing time up… And so, if I'm in the middle of rewriting (which I have been with both MY SISTER'S BABY and TERRIBLE PEOPLE) I just can't do it. But this weekend I'm trying to catch up to… Let's see I should be on submission 22, hmmm…. Well, here we go:

Submissions 10, 11, and 12 all went to Love Creek Productions. They are looking for scripts less than 25 pages with good roles for females for month readings. They accept multiple submissions from the same author. I believe it's an ongoing thing, you can message them on Facebook for more details. I submitted, HOW TERRY GROSS DESTROYED MY LIFE, WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE, and GHOST STORY. I really wanted to submit TERRIBLE PEOPLE, but it was 5 pages over… And I don't want to be that playwright. Oh, and it's snail mail only.

Submission number 13 was sent off to Theatre Three. They're looking for scripts ranging from 5-40 minutes, and I sent them TERRIBLE PEOPLE. It's snail mail only, and the deadline is…. September 30th! Get your scripts in folks.

Submission 14 was for PlayPenn. I submitted MY SISTER'S BABY. They want full length scripts, and the deadline is also September 30th. You can submit your script through their website.

Submissions 15 and 16 were for BOA… I heard they take more than one script and so I sent them two more! I sent over NAP TIME and MY BODY. If you haven't heard the news, they've extended the deadline until December 15th! And they want plays that are between 5 and 30 pages long.

MadLab got submissions 17 and 18… TERRIBLE PEOPLE and MY BODY. They want scripts between 5-45 minutes for THEATRE ROULETTE. And their deadline is November 1st.

And last but not least The Disreputables got GHOST STORY coming in at submission 19 (nearly caught up!). It's for their reading series called: “black&blue.” They're accepting scripts until November 15th, and want them to be between 1 and 20 pages.

How are your submissions going this months? Seeing spots? I'm kinda seeing spots right now… That means it time to stop I think. Happy submitting everyone!


Going to FRUSTRATION tomorrow? You can see (and hear!) the first ten pages of TERRIBLE PEOPLE! Today at rehearsals the actors were sad that they didn't get to preform the entire script… That's how funny it is! You'll be sad if you miss this staged reading, so do yourself a favor and come by Live Oak Theatre tomorrow at 3pm. Did I mention how free it is? It's completely free!

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