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Lessons Learned and News

September 24, 2012

Yesterday was FRUSTRATION, the benefit for Play Cafe. I directed one of the pieces, and an excerpt from TERRIBLE PEOPLE was featured as well. I learned a few things from my experience over the weekend that I like to share…

First off, I stayed for most of the rehearsals, and I wasn't needed at all. In fact, I was probably in the way (as people without tasks in theatre often are) a lot of the time. I should have come in during the rehearsals for the pieces I was involved in and caught up on sleep the rest of the time. And secondly, I didn't work out on either day! Look, I know… You're thinking I'm some deranged health nut. I'm not, I swear. I just notice a tremendous difference in my attitude, my thinking ability, and my endurance from days I do nothing to days I go to the gym. I miss days from time to time, but rarely two days in a row. I was so busy being un-useful at the rehearsals all day I couldn't fit in hitting up the Y. Big mistake, I was so wiped and drained yesterday I nearly fell asleep on the ride home (I wasn't driving, thankfully). So, now I know.

Oh! And I also have a bit of news. There's this exciting new project called Ten Minute Play Workshop and they'll be workshopping my play GHOST STORY mid-October. It's pretty cool, it'll be done over the internet and they'll post the 20-30 minute workshop to their website! GHOST STORY is set for October 17th, and I'll post a link to the video when it is up.

That is all, you can now return to your lives. Thank you.

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