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September 25, 2012

10 submissions left to make with 6 days left to go… I had a busy morning though! Let me tell ya….

I submitted to the New Harmony Project MY SISTER'S BABY for submission number 21. They want full length plays, and you can upload it directly to their website (easy-peasy). The deadline is coming up though on October 1st.

Submission 22 went to Castillo Theatre. I sent them MY BODY (in the future I'll never name a play something that creates so many ridiculous sentences). They want political plays of any length. It must be snail-mailed, and they need supporting material;including synopsis, character breakdown, bio, and political statement (please check the website and make sure I included all that they're looking for!). The deadline is also October 1st.

Longwood University is looking for 10 minute plays for their annual 0 to 60: 10 Minute Play Festival. Submission 23 was MY BODY (I know, ha, ha, ha). The scripts must be mailed, and the deadline is October 15th.

MY BODY (submission 24) was also sent in to Actors Theatre of Louisville for their National Ten Minute Play Contest. The scripts must be mailed, be ten pages or less, and the characters must range in age from 18-28. They only accept the first 500 scripts, so get yours in soon! The deadline is November 1st.

And finally submissions 25 and 26 (MY BODY and NAP TIME) were mailed (mail only!) off to Universal Theatre. They're looking for either 10 minute plays or monologues that are at most 4 pages. Deadline is November 15th.

Only 4 left to go! I think I might make it after all.

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