Rachel Bublitz


MFA Application

October 26, 2012

If you hadn't heard, I'm applying for an MFA from SFSU in playwrighting… And, I fully intended on being complete with the application process by October 15th. Best laid plans, you know. And here I am, it's almost November and I haven't done a damn thing. I have until December 15th, so I'm not too stressed, but starting one of the applications today I already hit a road bump. I need my old SFSU transcripts, and I need my SFSU password to get those, and since I don't have it I need to go to the bursar's office to show them my ID to get it. I just forgot my GPA! Oy. But, this is a nice reminder of what I'm getting myself back into…. So much bureaucracy!

But the good things in life are never easy… At least that's what everyone says. And since everyone says it, I can't see how it isn't true.

This will be the biggest submission so far, I think too. I've publicly declared that I am applying, and it will be so very sad to announce on my blog that I wasn't selected. Plus, you know… I do want to go and learn the things they're teaching. So I am left with buckling down, gritting my teeth, and getting it done. I have 50 days from today, be sure and send me good focusing vibes!

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