Rachel Bublitz


Big Writing Weekend

November 1, 2012

I can't wait for this weekend! I'm going to be visiting friends and family without my kids! I've had quite the month with them… Sickness, lice, and I've had three weekends with my husband away. All of this has lead to me falling behind a bit. I've been reading a ton of exciting plays, for The 31 Plays in 31 Days anthology and staged reading… Reading takes the least amount of brain capacity… After that it's writing, and editing takes the most. And that's what I need to be doing. After the developmental reading this past October, I had planned on having a fresh version by today. My children had other plans. But, now I have a whole weekend free of kids! MY SISTER'S BABY watch out, I'm going to cut you up. I've let some opps go by I was hoping to submit to, but as I heard this past weekend from the talented Megan Cohen, if you don't get something it then it wasn't meant to be. I'd like to beat myself up about it, but that serves little purpose. I have to look to the future and just get it done!

And now to make dinner, I'm making some lentil soup! The best part about the weather getting cold is soups and stews.

Have a good night!

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