Rachel Bublitz


Submission Update

November 6, 2012

The year is winding down… Looking back to 2011, I made this statement here on my blog:

"Looking to 2012 I have some goals (not resolutions). I want to complete another full length play and 4 more short or one act plays. I want to make it to 150 submissions, and I’d like 10 theatres or publishers to use my work. I would also like to read one play a week.”

I am close to part of my goal… I have reached 145 submissions for this year! And 8 theatres/organizations so far have used my work. I have a few more weeks, we'll see if I make it! Although, after hearing advice from the lovely Megan Cohen I think I made my goal backwards. I have no control over how many places select me, but I do control how many submissions I make. Megan had a goal of receiving 100 rejection letters this year, and I really admire that. This year I've gotten 43 rejection letters (a lot of places just leave you hanging in the wind). I am definitely considering that as my goal for next year.

And I still have some big submissions on the horizon… I'm getting everything ready to apply for my MFA and there's also Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco‘s Sheherezade 13! 2013 here I come!

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