Rachel Bublitz


Nov 8, 2012

Putting Things Down

I have a hard time with this. But, after the reading of My Sister’s Baby this past October, I haven’t done a ton with the script. I added a scene, deleted a scene and trimmed up some dialogue… But I just can’t bring myself to delve in and do the hard, nitty-gritty work that the script needs at this point. I have lost interest. This isn’t the first script I’ve lost interest in, I have a ton of ten minute plays that are sitting in a drawer, covered in notes, ready for me to save them. But I will say that this is the first full length play that I haven’t just worked on continuously until I was happy with it.

I am most bothered with the thought of losing this play forever, but I have to go with what my body is feeling. When I’m into a script, my mind whirls around it night and day… I hope that one day I’ll pick it up and fall in love again, but I am accepting the fact that that time isn’t right now.

Do you put scripts away? Do you ever bring them out again? I’d love to hear about other writer’s thoughts…