Rachel Bublitz


36 Days

November 9, 2012

That's how long I have to get everything together for my MFA Application. Oy. I still need unofficial and official transcripts from my junior college down in San Diego (you have to request them in person!), thankfully I'm leaving next week to visit family so it's not a big deal… I need to get my CSU application in, pay the fee, finish up my statement of purpose, and finally… Delivery all of it to SFSU! I'll get it all done. I just hate having to wait.

In other news, last night's scene night at Play Cafe was a lot of fun. I brought in a ten minute play that I wrote for The 31 Plays in 13 Days Project… Mostly to see if it was something worth submitting, and I found out that yes indeed it was. I got a lot of laughs, and there's nothing better than that (unless of course you're writing a drama).

Well, back to my studies… I've got a stack of books to get through. Enjoy the weekend!

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