Rachel Bublitz


The White Snake reviewed

November 30, 2012

The White Snake was by far the most delicate and lovely plays I have ever seen. It has a majestic ease that completely took my breath away. The scenery, costumes, musicians, and lighting were phenomenal. Sadly, I found the script lacking ever so slightly… I really loved Mary Zimmerman‘s The Arabian Nights and so the bar was really high for this play. And in the end, I felt the main character, the White Snake, was too passive. She met her goals within the first twenty minutes, all other conflict that continued was brought on by others and she took a completely reactionary role in the outcome of the play. Yes, she fought, but only when forced to do so by others.

That being said, I did enjoy myself very much. It help my attention the entire time, and I feel it is definitely worth seeing. The production side of things is worth seeing without even a play, it's that good! And it is a very touching love story, after all things are said and done.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

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