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SF Ballet's Nutcracker

December 9, 2012

Picture at the Nutcracker.

My mother in law came to town and took my daughter and I to see SF Ballet‘s Nutcracker. It was magical. My daughter loved it. We were right up front, so she could see everything. She spent her time before the ballet started talking to the musicians in the orchestra, it was her first time seeing most of the instruments and she was very curious. Once the ballet started she was glued to her seat, she didn't even want to get the complimentary box of juice and sugar cookies they offered during intermission; she didn't want to miss any of the dancing!

It was by far the most beautiful version of the Nutcracker I've ever seen. The sets were gorgeous, and… Well everything was simply lovely. I do wonder why they have everything before the snow flake dance… I found nearly everything before it a little boring. But watching my little girl watch the dancing was incredible, one of those special moments in life.

After intermission, some of the kids from Act 1 sat down near us, and she actually met the young man that posed as a rat in the picture we took that's posted below. She was so impressed with him, she told me that she'd rather be a rat than one of the ballerinas.

Near the end, was another special moment… She passed gas and loudly asked me, “Mommy, an you smell my fart?” I had a hard time keeping the laughter down.

All in all, great time watching live performance and it was fun sharing it all with my daughter.

Picture at the Nutcracker.

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