Rachel Bublitz


First Draft of Achilles Done!

January 9, 2013

It's all over the place, there are sections that say, write awesome speech here, and the end is awful, but the first draft is done. It's clocking in at 101 pages (damn!), and I'm afraid of hitting that 2 hour mark when I finish some of those monologues. Writing this play, I realized why so many people don't finish or don't try to write… Things are really bad at first. Your ideas are a mess. First drafts are more like very detailed outlines then complete works, that's at least how mine feel. But the thing about first drafts…. You can't have a second draft without a first. That's the honest truth. Let it be bad, let it be rotten. Worry about all of that other stuff later, just get it out. Okay, now to print and mark up all that is wrong with it!

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