Rachel Bublitz


In The Name of Art

January 16, 2013

I've been talking a lot about the play I'm working on about Achilles. I'm having a blast right now in rewrites, I feel so pumped up and excited about it, there are some nights I wish I had a punching bag so that I get all my excitement out after I write. No joke. But I'm coming up against a problem, and I think I know the answer to it already, but I think it's something worth talking about.

My play is in an imagined world that combines modern day Texas and ancient Troy/Greek times. I wanted to explore the comparison between war and football, but also the role of women, and the treatment of homosexuals. In my play Achilles and Patroclus are lovers… Basically I want to look at the other players react to that fact, and my problem is a word. It starts with a f and rhymes with “tag.” I really dislike this word, or more I suppose the sentiment surrounding the word, and the all so often negative implications it carries. When I write I try to live in my characters, and I dislike the idea of living in someone who says that. I also think that me saying it in my play is just another form that it's out there in the world… Isn't there enough negativity without me adding to it? Well yes, that's obvious. But… It is a part of our society, and something that I think is wrong with our society. I think some of the job of the artist is to point out the things in society that is wrong. How can I do that without that word? I can to a degree, I could create a new word, or use a similar word, because let's face it… There are far too many synonyms for it. But I think that it would ultimately my message.

Conclusion? Time for me to buck up and take the bullet. At least that's how I feel… I'd love to hear anyone else's thoughts on the subject.

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