Rachel Bublitz


Recap; The Weirdness of Rachel Bublitz

January 28, 2013

Last night Masquers Playhouse presented staged readings of four of my short plays for their Off The Page series. It was a great delight to hear my plays read by the talented group actors that Tracy Held Potter, my director, put together. My actors were, Jan Carty Marsh, Allison Page, Abigail Edber, Beth Chastain, Elgin Jackson and Tavis Kammet.

I loved sitting in the back watching the audience crack during the reading. My husband could barely breath because he was laughing so hard while Allison and Tavis read Nap Time. But, more important than enjoying my work, I got the chance to improve my work. I tightened up both Nap Time and Horny Like The Wolf, and I rewrote Baby Pie. I alsoIthink I finally understand the problems within Terrible People after hearing it last night.

Overall, it was a great experience, I highly recommend submitting for Off The Page, the folks at Masquers Playhouse are really great to work with.

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