Rachel Bublitz


Announcing Playwrights For Women In Solodarity: Cat Ladies

February 17, 2013

We are ready to shout announce the playwrights for this year's All Terrain Theater‘s Women In Solodarity: Cat Ladies show. Here are the playwrights with pieces in this year's show:

Maura Halloran will be performing a section of her solo show Pussy that was featured in last year's DIVAfest. Theresa Donahoe will also be performing a solo piece that she has written. And our wonderful writers who have contributed pieces that actors will perform include, Tracy Held Potter, Carol Lashof, Patricia Milton, Susan Sobeloff, and me, Rachel Bublitz.

I am also directing this year, something that I'm both excited and terrified about. It's been about… Seven years since I've directed something. I'm very grateful that I've been given this opportunity to get my directing groove back. Let's hope it's just like riding a bike!

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