Rachel Bublitz


Got In To 2013 SF Fringe Fest

February 18, 2013

Got some fabulous news today… Tracy Held Potter and my proposal was selected through the lottery for this year's SF Fringe Festival! We're going to bring you sixty minutes that make you never want to have kids… That's right! We're bringing you a selection of short plays about the trials of parenting. We're calling our collaboration….

###Babies, the Ultimate Birth Control: Terrifyingly Hilarious Plays about Parenting

Worried your partner is coming down with baby fever? We'll put a stop to that! Join us for tales from the sleepless side by harried moms Tracy Held Potter and Rachel Bublitz. You'll gurgle, you'll cry, and you'll pee in your pants laughing. Bring your partner for better results.

Dates, venue, plays, and other details will be announced as we get closer so stay tuned!

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