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My Achilles Play For The SF Olympians Festival Has A Name

March 1, 2013

Finally. I have been struggling for a loooooong time on this one. Naming plays typically isn't this hard for me, but I'm not ashamed to admit that I was intimidated. And there was so much to include! I wanted a flavor of football, some Greek myth reference, and a image for the play. I could put off naming it while I was writing it, and even through some rewrites… But now that I have a draft I'm confidant with my brain naturally set out to name the thing next and I couldn't move past it not being named. I just couldn't do it. And then I thought about it so much, and came up with so many freakin’ options I was over saturating myself. But I have a name now that covers the things I want, and I am feeling pretty good about it. Want to know it? Okay!

###Under The Gods’ Golden Cleats

A play in three acts by Rachel Bublitz

The tagline is: The story of Achilles placed on a football field.

Love it? Hate it? Feel free to share your thoughts.


My sister had a baby girl today, her name is Katherine. I cannot wait to meet her. Congratulations to Kelly and Doug!

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