Rachel Bublitz



March 3, 2013

The scripts have been copied, hole punched and put into folders… I've figured out how to have a play with 8 male parts and 10 female parts be read by only 8 people (oh, I hope I have at least 8 people….) And the pies have been baked…. I am ready for tonight! Under The Gods’ Golden Cleats is so massive on so many levels, I'm really looking forward to having the entire play read aloud. Up until now I've only heard 10 pages of it at a time at various scene nights. Hearing the whole play out loud will help me spot inconsistencies and problems in the script. Also, it's always great to have fresh eyes see all of my typos. I will have many typos. I already found a hand full just flipping through my printed script… I actually forgot to list one of the characters in the character breakdown. Whoops. But that is what tonight is about, making my script less embarrassing….

If you are around Pacifica, or want to make the trek, email me and I'll send you the address. I need a bare minimum of 8, but it would be lovely to have more readers… And it's always nice to hear from more people. The potluck starts at 6 and the reading of the play starts at 7.

Hope to see you there!

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