Rachel Bublitz



March 8, 2013

Last week Audrey, my soon to be 5 year-old daughter wrote a play called Audrey Scare People Play, and it blew up out the box. People all over the internet were singing it's and her praises, and she loved every minute of it. But the best reaction by far to her play was said to me yesterday by her pre-school teacher. I told her about the play and how many people had read it, and that we'd submitted it for a possible staging and she replied, “Great, like your kid needs any more confidence.” Seriously. So maybe there are people who are just awesome and know what life is about from the get go, and don't ever struggle with self doubt because they have confidence in abundance even at the young age of 4? I'm a little scared that I might be raising one of them if that is the case, but bring it on…. She also gloats when she beats the other (mostly older) kids during swim practice…

Will she write another play? I asked her just the other day… She said, “Yes. One will be about a Princess and a dragon, one about a unicorn, and one will be a Grinch-y play. Annnnnd, I want to write a play about um, about a dog and someone walking the dog.”

Enjoy your weekend!

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