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Updates, Happenings, And Remembering How To Direct

March 10, 2013

There are SO many things happening all at once for me right now, here's a recap of my weekend and things to look for coming soon….

The 31 Plays in 13 Days crew recorded 18 plays this weekend! Tracy Held Potter did a phenomenal job by organizing this epic event and getting all the talent together. And Chelsey Little kept everyone on task like a pro! I'm blessed to be creating with such amazing ladies. I also want to shout out to all those people who stepped up and helped up direct and act in the pieces, and I want to send out a big, heart warmed thank you everyone! THANK YOU!

Playwright's Center of San Francisco has auditions TOMORROW night! My one act Terrible People will have a staged reading in July, and there are a lot of other great pieces being workshopped. Be sure to email Brady Brophy-Hilton your headshot and resume for a slot!

I've also been tweaking Under The Gods’ Golden Cleats, because I can't stop myself from working on this play around the clock. I added some hilarious yet disgusting lines in which Paris describes exactly what goes on between and the bovine mascot Helen, that he kidnapped from the Greeks’. Hilarious yet disgusting might just be my thing… Hmmm…

Today was also another day of rehearsals for All Terrain Theater‘s Woman In Solodarity. I am pleased to report to the world that I have remembered how to direct, and it's not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. Cat Ladies is shaping up to be an incredible show. Be sure and secure your tickets soon, a show this good will sell out quick!

On a non-theatre related note, I set my clocks the wrong way which would have made me two hours late for everything… Luckily there are smart people in my house and I was corrected. Hope your time change was smoother!

There's more, but it's time for dinner. Have a good night everybody!

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