Rachel Bublitz


Binge Day 21

March 21, 2013

Big day today… Trying to take care of all of my snail mail submissions… Let's see how I did….

The Chameleon Theatre Circle is looking for new full length, one act, and ten minute plays for their 14th Annual New Play Contest. You may submit up to two scripts, they must be mailed, and the deadline is April 31, 2013. I sent in two ten minute plays; Horny Like The Wolf and Mother Of The Year.

Lucky Penny Productions in Napa is seeking plays shorter than 15 minutes with a holiday theme. You must mail in your script, and there is a $15 fee. They will wave the fee if you object to reading fees, or it is a financial burden, be sure to mention this in your cover letter if that is the case. I sent my holiday comedy, Oy Oy Oy, Merry Christmas!

There's this fun new project called Bookshop Workshops and they workshop new full length plays in bookshops around the country. If you're interested in getting involved, they'd like you to email in a 15 page sample of a completed full length that has not be produced or published. I sent them a sample of My Sister's Baby.

A podcast called You Heard It Hear First is looking for plays less than 30 minutes to be read on their monthly show. I sent them a ten minute back in February and they told me to send them more, if I had any more… Of corse I have more! So I sent in, My Body, The Birthday Blow Job Debacle, Her Special Day, and The Hole. You should email your scripts for this one.

In my sunny hometown of San Diego they have the annual North Park Playwright Festival. They're looking for plays that are less than 15 pages, and you must mail in your script. Only one per playwright. I sent them Horny Like The Wolf.

Last but not least, I sent out my monologue Mr. Tangerine Man to a series called The Mirror Monologues. They'd like monologues for women, by women. The piece should be between one and three pages long, and you'll need to mail it in.

I've got 24 submissions under my belt! I can almost taste the end of this binge! Now off to the post office….

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