Rachel Bublitz



April 4, 2013

Tonight is the dress rehearsal for All Terrain Theater Company‘s showcase, WOMEN IN SOLODARITY: CAT LADIES and another day in our photo count down to opening night!

Here is a set of pictures taken by Rob Reeves, these are all of Colleen Egan rehearsing a solo piece by Susan Sobeloff called Missing: A Cat Play. Enjoy!

Picture of Colleen Egan.

Picture of Colleen Egan.

Picture of Colleen Egan.

And these are some photos from the production side of things, also taken by Rob Reeves

Picture of Tracy Potter.

Photo of Tracy Held Potter, our producer and the artistic director of All Terrain Theater Company.

Picture of Rachel Bublitz and Tracy Potter.

Photo of Tracy Potter and myself, obviously we're getting things taken care of.

All photos courtesy Rob Reeves.

I believe we're one or two tickets shy of selling out. You can buy tickets here or email Tracy Held Potter and beg her for a seat.

And as always, if you're viewing on facebook click to my website for photos and links.

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