Rachel Bublitz


Fabulous Reading At City Lights Theatre

April 10, 2013

Last night was a blast. Horny Like The Wolf, one of my ten minute plays, joined 7 other short plays for City Lights Theatre spring short reading series. There's a moment in a lot of my plays before they jump into the insane or vulgar, and my stomach usually lurches and I wonder… Will the audience come with me on this ride? Last night they jumped right on the bus and laughed their butts off. That is a great feeling, by the way, putting laughter into the world….

My cast hit every joke, and I love them for that. Big thank you to Martha Rynberg, Matt Gunnison, and Catz Forsman. And another giant thank you to my good friend, an incredibly gifted director, Tracy Held Potter.

Want to join in the fun? Well, you can! City Lights Theatre takes not yet produced scripts and considers them for their season as well as their reading series. They're looking for full length plays, one acts, and short plays. It's a snap, fill out their application (found on the website), and submit that along with the script and your resume. Boom.

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