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Saturday Shout Out: Tracy Held Potter

April 20, 2013

A new feature! Come back on Saturdays to hear about an exciting person in theatre! It might be someone I know here in the Bay Area, it might be someone I admire, or if I'm feeling especially energized, I just might have more than one! This week, for my inaugural shout out, I'm going to start with my other-half, Tracy Held Potter.

Picture of Tracy Held Potter.

Tracy is the Executive Director for Play Cafe, an organization that helps playwright hear their works in a monthly scene night in Berkeley (the second Thursday of the month, bring $10, and 10 pages or less!), the Artistic Director of All Terrain Theater Co., and Co-Founder of the 31 Plays in 31 Days Project. On top of these huge titles and the duties that go with them, she has two children, and writes! She's currently working on a full length play, two short plays commissioned by San Francisco Olympians Festival, and several short plays for our SF Fringe show Babies: The Ultimate Birth Control. Her plays are thoughtful, thought provoking, subtle, and honest.

Oh, and she also directs! AND she was recently accepted into the screen, stage, and television MFA program at Carnegie Mellon University! She is a force that won't be stopped, and I am lucky to have such an awesome and strong woman to look up to. If you'd like to know more about Tracy, go to her facebook page and click “like,” then you'll get updates from her in your news feed.

I had to start with Tracy, but who will I be calling your attention to next week? It's a mystery! Come back next Saturday and find out.

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