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More Reasons To Give To The SF Olympians Festival

May 8, 2013

Isn't that how it always is? Finish a post, then think of more you wish you'd put in there? Well today that's the case for me! I thought of some more things you should know about this year's San Francisco Olympians Festival, and more reasons why you should give:

  1. You are helping fund 36 brand-spanking-new plays!
  2. Lots of women playwrights! Of the 30 playwrights, 17 of them are ladies.
  3. It's also a fine arts festival! Brand new works will be created by local fine artists, making that art community here in the bay area bigger and stronger!
  4. You're also supporting local directors and actors! It's not just a festival for playwrights, we get everyone involved! And come November we'll have actors perform the plays as staged readings at The Exit in downtown San Francisco.
  5. Tickets are low so everyone can afford to see the shows! Tickets are only $10!

Click here for the indiegogo campaign page.

And if you need more reasons… Here is this year's power-house line up:

November 6: Greeks Bearing Gifts

AJAX MAJOR by Charles Lewis III

AJAX MINOR- Barbara Jwanouskos

NESTOR- Robert Estes

DIOMEDES- Joel Street

TEUCER- Marissa Skudlarek

PATROCLUS- Daniel Hirsch

THERSITES- Daniel Hirsch

NEOPTOLEMUS- Barbara Jwanouskos

November 7: The Brothers (Part One)

MENELAUS- Annette Roman

AGAMEMNON- Anthony Miller

November 8: The Brains

ODYSSEUS- Megan Cohen

November 9: The Brawn

ACHILLES by Rachel Bublitz

November 13: Trojan Women

HECUBA- Patsy Fergusson

LAODIKE- Marissa Skudlarek

ANDROMACHE- Sarah McKereghan

POLYXENA- Peter Hsieh

CRUESA- Tonya Narvaez

CHRYSEIS- Carol Lashof

BRISEIS- Carol Lashof

OENONE- Ashley Cowan

November 14: The Brothers (Part Two)

PARIS- Kirk Shimano

HECTOR- Bridgette Portman

November 15: The Seer

CASSANDRA- Claire Rice

November 16: The Survivor

AENEAS- Colin Johnson

November 20: The Tools


THE SHIELD- Meg O'Connor

THE HELMET- Meg O'Connor

THE SPEAR- Neil Higgins

THE SWORD- Tracy Potter

THE SHIPS- Tracy Potter

THE BOW- Sunil Patel


November 21: The Battlefield

THE WALLS- Madeline Puccioni

THE PLAINS- Jeremy Cole

November 22: The Problem

HELEN- Sam Hurwitt

November 23: The Solution

THE HORSE- Stuart Bousel

In case you missed it, go here to give! And thank you again!

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