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Saturday Shout Out: Mesa College Theatre Company

May 11, 2013

Picture of MCTC

MCTC of the Mesa College Theatre Company is an amazing theatre program down in San Diego that I was lucky enough to go through. It's a two year program run through a junior college, and no matter what your focus is you get the basic skills to do everything in a theatre. They put on two shows a year, nearly 100% run by students (teachers direct most of the shows), and while you're putting shows on you go back forth taking acting and production courses.

In my two years, I was on the costume crew, light crew, set crew, prop master, actor, director, and image designer (for my last show with the company we did a multimedia documentary style play about the Cedar Fire from 2003, I was in charge of finding and licensing pictures and video shown during the show). In just two years! It goes without saying that I bonded tremendously with the folks that I went through the program with, that's how us theatre people roll in case you didn't know… But beyond gaining friends, I got a powerful background in theatre. I probably can't walk into a theatre and fix lights for anyone, but I have some basics down. I know how to run a board, I can sew, and I know how to operate a drill. And, on top of all of that, we also read a play a week.

MCTC is run by a woman named Kris Clark. She runs the production side of things and asks as a walking theatrical how-to guide. She has been a mentor to me through the years and I was one of the first people that I sent my first play (The Fantasy Club) to.

If you're looking to get into theatre and think you need some training before you jump in, find a program like this. Even if you just want to act, or you just want to direct… Knowing more about what everyone is doing just makes you a more helpful piece to anyone's theatre puzzle… And if you want to be in theatre, being a helpful person is half the battle.

Here are some hilarious pictures of my time at MCTC:

We did Wild Oats, here I am about to get run over by a train:

Photo from Wild Oats

And here in strange underwear:

Photo from Wild Oats

I was one of three directors for the student directed one acts:

Cast and crew of A Marriage Proposal

Cast and crew of the one act I directed! It's A Marriage Proposal by Chekhov.

And more pictures from that show:




Rehearsing for the student directed one acts.

Photo of Jessi, Rachel, and TJ

All of the directors, and some of my bestest friends… Jessi Reed, me in the middle, and Timothy Bundalian.

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