Rachel Bublitz



May 21, 2013

Guess I need to start riding Audrey's coattails, because that girl wrote a hit play! It was so good. So good. There will be a youtube video, and I will make it known once there is, so you can enjoy it all over the world.

Audrey had a blast. She read the only word on the program she could read, Audrey, and lit up like a light bulb. And that's nothing compared to how bright she shined during her play! She grinned from ear to ear and clapped my hands together so hard they hurt. The girl had a blast! And she deserved it, not that I'm biased or anything, but her play was my favorite last night. It was hilarious! And the actors, Meg O'Conner (Scare People, and the director), Olivia Youngers (Audrey!), and Sam Bertken (stage directions) were out of this world good. They were off book, had props and costumes… You blew my mind, guys! Thank you also to Sunil Patel and all the wonderful folks at San Francisco Theater Pub. You folks made Audrey's month!

Here's what Audrey said to her Dad on their drive home after the show, “A lot of people said congratulations…. I wasn't expecting that.”

To see some pictures from last night, go to my facebook page album, AUDREY SCARE PEOPLE PLAY, I'm having trouble uploading them here today.

What's next for Audrey you wonder? Well she told me her next play will be about a Princess and a dragon, so stay tuned!

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