Rachel Bublitz


Playwright Nightmare

May 24, 2013

Had a doozy of a nightmare last night… So… In it I have adapted The Fantasy Club into an animated movie… And the characters have all been replaced and changed… Now it's about a scruffy but small little boy and his giant older brother. They work for a gang of angelfish that steal precious gems. Eventually the boys decide stealing is wrong but now they're caught up in the life, and have to fight their way out… Okay, still with me? So, in the dream, I have decided to do a special screening of the film before it opens for an elite few… Tracy Held Potter, and Chris Reed (who plays Filthy Phil on Sons Of Anarchy) to name a few… Nearly everybody, including Tracy, leave well before the end of the film without saying or looking at me. When it's all done and the lights come up, Chris and I are there alone… He leans over and says, “I liked it better before,” and leaves. And I am terrified and confused and so very sad… Why did I ever change my play? Will this always be the way? Will I always start with a good idea, and then change it until it's total crap? Why is this an animated film? A gang of angelfish? Really?….

And then I woke up. I realized that yes, I have made some changes to The Fantasy Club but there aren't any fish involved. It takes a few minutes, but then I go back to sleep.

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