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No Internet And Announcements!

May 31, 2013

Been a long time, hasn't it? Oy vey.

Well, there was a holiday and then the internet vanished from my house! Very tragic, we're hoping to get it back up today, but until then I'm forced to steal the internet of friends for short periods of time. You see my kids are crazy, and internet cafes usually don't welcome them…

But I'm here now, and got the sweet sweet interweb juice, so let's catch up!

Fancy announcements!


We have dates (Saturday September 7 4:00 PM, Saturday September 14 9:00 PM, Sunday September 15 1:00 PM, and Tuesday September 17 9:00 PM… In case you had forgotten.) and now we have a director! I am so happy to tell the world that the talented Elena Wright will be directing for us!

Also in fun and exciting news about the fringe show, we will have auditions! We will be searching for two females and one male! I will be announcing more info as we get closer, but it looks like we'll be having auditions in July (probably).

###Gone In 60 Seconds, The International One-Minute Play Festival

My one-minute play Dealing With Death is in the line-up for Gi60s taking place right now in the UK! Still finding out details, it's hard when there's so much space between two places and such little internet. But I know they're in rehearsal, so I imagine the show is coming up! Hopefully will let you know before it's happened, so you can jump on over to the UK and enjoy one of my plays.

###The Fantasy Club Kickstarter Video!

Get ready to laugh, because we're shooting the video to help raise money for my play The Fantasy Club coming this August! We're hoping to kick off our kickstarter early to mid June, so stay tuned for that! We have got a lot of funny people on it, and it won't disappoint.

Okay, so hopefully if comcast comes for a visit like they said they would, I'll have another awesome post for you tomorrow… Not sure if I'd hold my breath.

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